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Students’ Savings Unit

Students’ Savings Unit

Students’ Savings Unit

HNB Savings Unit

“Debt is the worst poverty. Save while you can”

The savings unit of Holy Family Convent Bambalapitiya is established to encourage savings among our students, and is carried out by the senior commerce students of the school. The unit is open every Tuesday and Thursday. One of their major projects of this year was conducting a campaign to encourage the students and parents to save. (Grade 1 and 2 Sports meet)

Student Managers
Faculty Advisor Ms. Priyangika Ranawana
Executive Committee Members Sandaruvu Palletanne
Nashindra Seneviratne
Shiyara Fernando
Anhitha Fernando
Mudanthi Jayamanne
Lakshika Felix
Ushani George
Dakshani John

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