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Supatha Day

Supatha Day

Supatha Day

On Supatha Day all Supatha members from different Schools participate in the celebrations. According to the tradition three schools namely Holy Family Convent Bambalapitiya, Holy Family Convent Kaluthara and St. Joseph’s girls Nugegoda take turns to organize the events to deepen the Holy Family spirit among the members and there by spread the love of god among the society. Holy Family Convent Bambalapitiya organized the event this year.

The Supatha day was held on 6th of May in the Green Hall at Holy Family Convent Bambalapitiya from 8.00a.m. – 2.00p.m. 53 members participated in the event. 36 from Bambalapitiya, 5 from Thudella 5 from Kaluthara, 7 from Nugegoda. Each group was accompanied by the sister in charge of Supatha. The theme of the day was …………………(towards a pleasant world). The program began with a prayer service including a presentation on the PBN family. After the welcome speech by the president and the vice president and lighting of the oil lamp, the purpose of the day was explained to the group. Then Sr. Euphrasia addressed the gathering and she quoted the words of Pope Francis. “it is youth who can change the world.” Sr. Euphrasia’s words were enlightening and inspiring.

The resource person for the day is Rev. Fr. Randil Fernando and his group. Initially, the members got………….. with each other. The participants were divided into in-to small groups and the members shared ideas. During the session which was conducted by Fr. Randil and his group, we were ……….. to view the modern world realistically and to step forward balancing our education and extra-curricular activities in the journey of Supatha . They explained their life experiences about how they managed to overcome difficulties without any adverse effects on education and how they faced challenges in the social world. Since we were with different schools it was a good chance for us to strengthen relationship with other members of the youth. Even during our morning break we were divided into pairs and mixed with different schools.

At the end of the second session some games and entertainment were conducted by Father Randil to increase the unity among the participants. Afterwards we spent some time to evaluate the day.

Some statements made by the youth are given below.

  • “We belonged to different communities but we didn’t have any communication issues.”
  • “Though we were from different schools we were all united.”
  • “We learnt to work as a group and displayed patience and understanding.”
  • “We developed strength to face challenges in the society.”