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Women's Day

Women’s Day

Women’s Day

Be bold for change

Women’s day was celebrated on 8th of March worldwide to appreciate womanhood and to show commitment to gender equality. This year’s theme was “Be Bold for Change” to encourage women and girls to accept who they are and be proud of themselves.

Holy Family Convent Bambalapitiya celebrated this day to appreciate womanhood while lying emphasize on gender equality. The students were gathered at the quadrangle for the event. The event began after the prayer service. Ten candles were lit in honor of women by a few prefects.

Ms. Dianne Uyanagoda (Lawyer by profession and a human rights activist) was invited to grace the occasion and speak to the girls on this special day. She spoke about leading a fruitful life and explained the necessity to balance all………….life.

She emphasized that we have to value our future and moreover to be successful we have to believe in our own value. The speech was informative and ………..

Sr. Deepa enlightened the girls further explaining the message given by Pope Francis “Without women, there is no harmony in the world.” A song of appreciation of women was sung by a familian. This song was beautifully sung and further enhanced the …………… of the importance of women. Lastly, the event ended by Familians singing a song which portrayed the inner fighting capabilities to achieve more in this world.

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‘’If not me, who? If not now, when?”-Emma Watson