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Library Day 2022

Library Day 2022

“She Reads Books As One would Breathe Air, to Fill Up and Live”


Holy Family Convent Celebrated Library Day on the 4th of August 2022. The students from grades 6 and upwards were asked to gather in the school quadrangle for the morning assembly.

After morning prayers, the Deputy Head Prefect of the school began the segment for the Library Day.  The Head Prefect of the school shared a few words about the importance of a library and how reading and books have become an important part of every human’s life.

After the speech, prizes were given to students who took part and won in competitions organized in lieu of Library Day. Prizes were given to the winners of the Bookmark Competition that was held for grades 6, 7, and 8 and the General Knowledge Competition that was held for grades 9 and above.
Prizes were given to students who took part in the national short story competition ” රටක් වටින පොතක් ”

After the distribution of the prizes, the students were asked to guess the book and the author from a scene that was being acted out by the students of grades 12 and 13. The students excitedly participated in this activity as many correctly guessed the book and its author.

The Library Day event ended with all students appreciating the importance of books, reading and the time they spend in the library.