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Life Education Programme

Life Education Programme

The annual life education programme was held this year in hope of lifting and inspiring the Familians (post-ordinary level students).The programme commenced on 13th of February and went till 3rd of March.

The first day began with the spiritual guidance under the direction of Sr.Euphrasia Rodrigo. Afterwards a session about finding and negotiating yourself as a girl/woman was conducted which helped in developing self-esteem. Zumba sessions were held frequently under different mentors which gave the girls the freedom to enjoy as well as relax their minds.

An Aeronautical education session was conducted by our very own Familian, Captain Anusha Siriratne (First female pilot in Sri Lanka) which evoked much encouragement.

Moreover, assistance on medical, health, well-being, personal grooming and hygiene etc.-the whole package was covered within this period which was very useful.

A programme on juggling motherhood and high professional career was held. Additional lessons on media and journalism, hospitality, Entrepreneurship, Law as a profession, Tourism were imparted.

Further there were sessions which helped the girls to open their eyes and take a glimpse of the cruel but realistic part of this world which majorly involves social media followed by gender programme, exploitation and relationship education.

The young souls were given the opportunity to unleash their creativity which included Fashion Designing as well. Subsequently adding deliciousness to the programme sugar crafting was introduced. Apart from these activities the girls were given the opportunity to go on field excursions.

Finally the life education programme ended leaving heaps of memories on girl’s hearts.

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