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Science Laboratories

Science Laboratories

Science Laboratories

After generations of Familians, the present Familians have now become owners of brand new science and mathematics laboratories.  The PTA undertook the renovations of the laboratories in the year 2008 as one of their projects. These labs are situated on the North side of the school.

At present there are many facilities provided for students who engage in experiments.

We have five laboratories. Namely,

  • Physics Laboratory
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Biology Laboratory
  • General Science Laboratory
  • Mathematics Laboratory

Given below is a brief description of each laboratory

Physics Laboratory

Equipment: Meter Bridge, Charles Law apparatus, Travelling microscope, Spectrometer, Current balance etc.

NEW  A/L Physics Practicals

Chemistry Laboratory

There are more than 300 chemicals
Equipment: Test tubes, Boiling tubes, Test tube holders, Crucibles, Bunsen Lamps, Microscope, Telescope etc.

Biology Laboratory

There are many specimens (eg: serpents) preserved in formalin bases.

Equipment: Microscopes, Slides, Lights Ovens, Pressure cookers etc.

Chemicals: Agar Powder, Sudan III, Glucose, Sucrose.

General Science Laboratory

This is commonly used by all students. It contains many equipment and specimens related to Biology.

Mathematics laboratory

This contains equipment made by our students

Eg: Tessellations, Posters about mathematical findings and the History of Mathematics

These laboratories can be used by 50 students at a time.

  • There is a separate administrative office for the laboratories with two assistants.
  • We are very proud to be owners of such well equipped and well furnished laboratories.