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Parent Teacher Association


The total education of the child is the concern of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). It provides a forum for discussion between the school administration and the teachers on the one hand, and parents on the other.

Towards this goal the PTA acts, advising and assisting the school administration, and promoting and enabling parents and teachers to work together for the development, progress and welfare of the students of the school. The PTA encourages and facilitates parents and teachers to cooperate in furthering the educational, religious, social and cultural activities of the school. All in all, it aims at providing a holistic education for our children.

Parents, when you join the Parent Teacher Association, you become part of the school’s extended family that cares about issues that affect the school. Membership is open to the parents of every child currently studying in the school and to the members of the staff of the school.

Teachers, by virtue of their designation as a member o the Academic staff of the school,  become a member of the PTA.

The 2012/2013 PTA Executive Committee took office on 29 February 2012 subsequent to the Annual General Meeting. The Executive Committee is divided into 5 sub committees which carry out projects under the guidance of the school administration and with the cooperation of the PTA membership.

The PTA also works with the Welfare Association, the Past Pupils’ Association and the Past Teachers’ Association when necessary.  Mr. Ashley Fonseka and Ms. Shiyamini Perera will represent the PTA on the Welfare Society Board during this year. Mrs. Dilrukshi Sukumaran will represented the PTA on the Association of Past Teachers.

PTA Subcommittees

Subcommittee on Health

The objective of the Subcommittee on Health is to facilitate the creation of a clean and healthy environment in school, create awareness and educate students on a healthy life style, and assist in programmes on health, organized by the school’s Health Club.

Subcommittee on Security

The objective of the Subcommittee on Security is to focus on the safety of the students and teachers – to advise and assist the school authorities on security needs in keeping with changing times and also to assist the Welfare Association in proposing and reviewing security plans and strategies with a view to finding the most suitable security systems.

Subcommittee on Sports

The objective of the Subcommittee of Sports is to develop sports in school and to provide back-up services at all times to achieve and sustain high standards in sports and to assist the school’s Sports Council in decisions taken.

Subcommittee on Academic Assistance

The objective of the Subcommittee on Academic Assistance is to assist the school authorities and the teaching staff in maintaining the academic standards of the school and encouraging students to achieve academic excellence, while maintaining a healthy balance between both academic and non-academic curricular activities.

Subcommittee on Extra-curricular Activities

The objective of the Subcommittee on Extra-curricular activities is to encourage the students to take part in non-academic activities which will help in building personality, character and confidence and assist in the moulding of young women able to face the expectations of a modern society.

Subcommittee on Special Projects

The objective of the Subcommittee on Special Project’s is to encourage, organize and assist in traditional Familian events which may not essentially fall within the school curriculum and to inspire and carry out new projects necessary for the progress of the school. On such projects the subcommittee works closely with the Welfare Association and the PPA, assisting in many ways like in the printing, publishing and documenting, in media coverage and in providing security.

PTA Executive Committee 2016- 2017 Members

Position Member Name
President Rev. Sr. Deepa Fernando
Vice Presidents Rev.Sr. Merita Fernando
Ms. Manouri Peiris
Mr. Asiri Silva
Secretary Ms. Kishanie Fernando
Assistant Secretary Ms. Jessica David
Treasurer Ms. Sandya Wijesekera
Assistant Treasurer Ms. Shyaminie Perera
Vice Principals Rev. Sr. Euphrasia Rodrigo
Ms. Rositha Dissanayake
Parent Representatives Mr. Bharat Aponso
Mr. Sudantha Perera
Ms. Geraldine Karunaratne
Mr. Hemantha Perera
Ms. Anojani Silva
Mr. Pradeep Bemulla
Ms. Marie De Valliere Navamani
Mrs. Indika Amarasuriya
Mrs. Natali Preena sheriff
Ms. Treline Perera
Mr. Mahesh De Alwis
Mr. Sujeewa Athukorala
Mr. Prasanna Wijesinghe
Academic Assistance Dilshani Perera
Anusuya Ainkaran
Ms. Himani Wijesinghe
Ms. Rozanne Jarkie
Ms. Jessica David
Mr. Asiri Silva
Ms. Manouri Peiris
Ms. Shaminie Perera
Ms. Rositha Dissanayake
Ms. Farana Wahid
Teacher Representatives Ms. Kaushalya Jayamanne
Ms. Asoka Herath
Ms. Rozanne Jarkie
Ms. Himani Wijesinghe